Single Family Homes for Sale in Sedona, AZ

As we move through the summer months real estate in Sedona could not be hotter especially for single-family homes for sale in Sedona.

According to recent statistics, there was an increase of 50% on the number of sold West Sedona area listings for the month of June 2020.

Now that’s hot! 🔥

Over the course of the year, the median sales price for single-family homes, Townhomes, and Condos has increased by 16.1% and according to the Sedona Verde Valley Board of REALTORS®.

Sedona homes for sale, especially single-family homes for sale in Sedona are being snatched up at a rate rarely seen in the Sedona Real Estate market.

As the word spreads across the country that Sedona is one of the most beautiful and safest places to live in the U.S. people from all across America are coming to Sedona to settle or buy that second home to get away from it all.

Prospective buyers are driving from Phoenix, Southern California, and Colorado. They are flying in from places like Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, and Minneapolis looking for homes for sale in Sedona.

Sedona’s natural beauty, its seclusion from the big city, and all of its hassles, its laidback lifestyle, and its renowned spiritual foundation continue to draw more and more people from all over who wish to make it their home.

The fabulous red rock formations are an inspiration and form the perfect backdrop for hiking and exploring the countless wonders of Sedona.

There is golfing, tennis, hiking, boating, and fine dining in some of the finest restaurants in Northern, AZ.

Sedona is also the home of many fine musicians, beloved by the locals who enjoy fine meals with good music in Sedona’s many restaurants.

Sedona is also the home of many artists specializing in oil painting and sculptures, jewelry, and clothing. Boutiques and specialty shops are everywhere. There is something for everyone in Sedona.

Spas abound. The weather is perfect all year round. The locals are friendly and there is always something going on for people to do.

So, we can understand why homes for sale in Sedona are going through the roof. People fall in love with Sedona the second they get here. The lure of the red rocks is just too strong to resist.

We at Own in Sedona are ready to find you the perfect single-family home for sale in Sedona, a home you will love forever!

Give us a call or text us at 928-323-0031 to speak with a local licensed real estate expert or visit our Website and we will set you on your way to finding the home of your dream in beautiful Sedona.

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