How is the Real Estate Market in Sedona, Arizona?

Getting hit with the coronavirus pandemic at the beginning of this year, for the Arizona real estate market, was like getting nailed by a Mike Tyson right hook in the first round.

It took until mid-April for the market to shake off the haymaker and get back into the ring, with Sedona home prices picking up ready to rumble.

Realtors are reporting that in Sedona, the median home value is increasing. The market in Sedona is now a seller’s market, with the value of homes for sale in Sedona is going straight up.

People are coming to Sedona from all over the country eager to buy a property in Sedona. They are being compelled and drawn to Sedona for a number of reasons.

What appears to be happening is that people want to get away from the chaos and crowds in urban communities. People want to have a safe haven away from it all. Away from the close proximity to people, away from the riots, away from the tax hikes happening across our great nation.

Also, Sedona is known around the world as a healing center. Spiritual and physical. The city has experienced very few if any, Covid-19 related deaths or even infections. Considering the town is a major tourist attraction, this is major good news.

Despite the different reports coming in about the nation’s economy, those concerns do not seem to be evident when you take a stroll through Uptown Sedona. Considering the rush of interested and potential buyers coming to Sedona, homes for sale in Sedona continue to pick up.

Another perk to owning a home in Sedona is the city’s proximity to the main Arizona hub cities like Phoenix or Scottsdale, located just a couple hours by car.

To accommodate executives who need to fly back and forth and save time, Sedona has its own airport that can land private jets.

For those who have time to spend, Sedona has a great musical night life, with so many talented musicians living and performing here and restaurants featuring live music.

There’s numerous supermarkets in town all offering a wide variety of not only everything you can get at home but also local foods but also natural foods. Sedona simply has everything one could want in leading a happy, fulfilling life.

The restaurants are known for the wonderful selections and specialties from Latin inspired to All-American steakhouses, where everybody knows each others’s names.

Further, there are so many different types of homes to choose from in Sedona. The styles of the homes span the full gamut of mid century modern homes for sale in Sedona to the classic southwest adobe style homes for sale in Sedona. With prices can range from $300,000 to the millions.

They say you can never run out of things to do in Sedona. Even if you get stuck in the weekend traffic from wherever you are, the Sedona sights and the beautiful red rock formations are always a pleasure to gaze upon.

It’s definitely a seller’s market in Sedona and the time has come to either sell or buy. If things keep going as they are, the prices could increase by 5 percent or more by the year’s end.

At Own In Sedona we are ready to help you sell your house at its best potential price and or help you find your dream home within your budget.

Let’s set you up with an appointment with one of our locally-based realtors who knows Sedona like the back of their hand, and we will start you on your way!

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