Feng Shui Homes for Sale in Sedona

Sedona, Arizona is considered by many to be an epicenter of spiritual growth and development. This enchanting city is the host for a multitude of psychics, light workers, spiritual healers and residents, who meditate, practice yoga and  utilize other esoteric art forms.

Many Sedona homeowners also practice the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui (pronounced Feng Schway), where the homes they live in are built and designed to follow the principles of this holistic architectural practice.

What does Feng Shui mean?

Feng means wind and shuiis water. Wind and water are associated with happiness and good health in the Chinese culture. Wind is the breath of life and water is necessary for life to exist. All life is energy. In order to ensure happiness and abundance in your life, it is necessary to accommodate these elements by allowing the energy to flow freely through the universe and your life.

Feng Shui, simply put, is a system of harmonizing your home with the surrounding environment.

It is based on the four directional corners of north, south east and west. Feng Shui relies on properly arranging a house, a room or workspace in harmony with those four directions. This form of design has been practiced in the orient for more than 5,000 years and has gained massive popularity in the Western world.

Why Feng Shui?

The goal of Feng Shui is to strike a balance with the natural environment and your space. It’s the art of arranging things in a room, house or even constructing a house that complies with the elements of Feng Shui. When you create a harmony between the wind and water, life will create a flow of abundance into your life.

Many celebrities are ardent believers in Feng Shui. This includes Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Tommy Hillfiger, George Clooney, Dolly Parton, Jerry Hall, Sophia Loren, Cher and believe it or not, even Donald Trump is a strong believer in Feng Shui.

How Does Feng Shui Work?

Proper Feng Shui design allows for the unimpeded flow of beneficial energy throughout your home. Chinese philosophers identify this type of positive energy as “Chi ”or “Qi.” According to the ancient Feng Shui masters and today’s practitioners, this energy needs to flow free throughout your home to bring about good luck, prosperity and good health. The goal is to strike a balance between your living space and working environment with the natural world.

Feng Shui homes in Sedona are often incorporated into the real estate industry. Feng Shui in Sedona is a factor many homeowners and builders consider when conducting their search for homes and lots for sale in Sedona.

How to find a Feng Shui Home for sale in Sedona?

When looking to buy a Feng Shui home in Sedona the first thing one needs to consider is the environment upon which that house is situated and placed.

This means ensuring that the placement of the front of the house, the back of the house and the corners of the house are properly aligned with the four directions: north, south, east and west.

The exterior of the house has to be dealt with first because it has a big influence on the quality of energy your house is absorbing. You can use a compass to determine which direction the front of the house faces.

Be sure to ask your realtor if they are familiar with Feng Shui. They can quickly assist you and sort through Feng Shui friendly homes and lots.

What Should You Look for in Feng Shui Homes for Sale in Sedona?

As an example, a house that is south facing will absorb the heat and sunshine in the winter and avoid the intense sun in the summer. A house needs to be in harmony with the surroundings, and architecturally suitable to nature.

Consider Feng Shui as applied to the exterior of the house by looking at it from a distance. Note any impressions that come to mind, focusing on your first instincts and the energy you feel, rather than overthinking. This process allows you to observe your own first impression.

Feng Shui masters believe a house leaning against the mountains and facing a river, such as Oak Creek, is auspicious and can bring good luck for people living in it. Lots of ancient Chinese homes were built at the foot of a mountain and near water.

According to Feng Shui practitioners there are two styles of “mountain leaning.” One is mountains encircling the house. That is, the house is encircled by mountains on the northern, western and eastern sides while its southern side is open and flat with water flowing by.

The other style is homes that are built on a mountain slope. The back of the house is protected from behind while the front of the house looks down upon the slope.

Feng Shui has specific requirements on the proper positioning of the central axis of architecture. Generally speaking, the central axis should run from north to south, with its north end pointing directly to a mountain running from east to west.

Sedona itself is surrounded by beautiful mountains and many Feng Shui homes for sale can be found here.

Feng Shui emphasizes geology. Its followers think geology dominates one’s health by four means: microelements in the soil, humidity, the magnetic field of the earth, and harmful waves.

Another consideration is the quality of the water near the house or the water in the house itself. It would be a good idea to investigate the origin of the water and its quality and its flow. Good water heals. Bad water causes diseases. If you like the house and there are problems with the water, invest in a really good water filter that will clean the water for the entire house, not just for drinking. To bring energy back into the water consider adding a structured water unit to your home.

What Interior Elements Should You Consider for your Sedona Feng Shui home?

Then there is the interior of the house to consider. Is the interior of the house in harmony with

Feng Shui principles that will enhance your sense of well-being, enhance the flow of Qi energy through your home, support your sense of health and allow your household to operate in peace and happiness?

The first thing is to determine if the front door is directly aligned with the back door of the house. If this is the case it is considered ‘bad’ Feng Shui because energy coming in from the outside will swoosh through the front door and out through the back door, leaving the rest of the energy in the house stagnating.

There are certain Feng Shui “cures” one can apply to remedy this problem that include the use of crystals, fountains, mirrors, fountains and auspicious symbols like elephant, dragon or Buddha statues, talismans, color and art to help divert the energy into the house but this is something you want to be aware of right away.

Another Feng Shui issue are staircases that face the front door. As the energy rushes into the house through the front door when you open it, it gets caught by the staircases and will rush upstairs without permeating the lower floor and. Its rooms. Again, here are Feng Shui remedies that can be employed but again, this is a consideration when looking to buy a Feng Shui home for sale in Sedona.

Another Feng Shui no-no to be aware of is a bathroom that faces the front door of the house. Bathrooms should not be situated there as energy flowing in will escape. And that would be through the bathroom because water will snag the energy and flush it out of the house.

Once again, there are remedies to this Feng Shui problem but it’s best to keep this in mind when looking to buy a Feng Shui compliant home in Sedona.

A staircase in the center of a home is also considered bad Feng Shui. Flowing energy gets caught in the spiral and spins around it, depriving the rest of the house of vital Qi energy.

Again, there are cures but it is wise to be aware of this when looking to purchase a Feng Shui Sedona home for sale.

A bathroom in the center of a house is also considered undesirable for the same reason that a bathroom facing the front door is. You don’t want your fortune being flushed down the toilet. There are Feng Shui remedies for this utilizing crystals, fountains or talismans.

A bathroom, which symbolizes energy escaping and flowing outward, is inherently problematic when it is positioned at the exact center of the home, its energetic heart and are more likely to create bad Feng Shui

Because Feng Shui views the center of the house as its heart—also called the yin-yang point—your goal is to have this space open, light, and containing a sense of beauty. In Feng Shui, the center of your house is also considered the area from which all the other sections of the house receive energy.

A master bedroom located over a garage is considered to be extremely bad Feng Shui. Garages have a lot of “in and out” motion that unsettles the energy, and this exactly the opposite goal for a bedroom.  Second, a garage is typically a cluttered area, and clutter in any space also unsettles the energy. Combining the two problems, a bedroom over the garage has a very unstable energy foundation that will not promote good relaxation and sleep.

Also, fumes from the cars seep up into the bedroom and can poison people, even after the car engine has been shut off.  The only remedy here is to consider using another room in the house as the master bedroom.

Long narrow hallways in the house are also considered bad Feng Shui because they allow energy to rush past the other rooms in the house, allowing for the stagnation of Qi in the other rooms. The shrewd placement of mirrors will deflect natural light into these hallways keeping the balance and flow of energy in the house.

There is much to consider when looking to purchase a Feng Shui home in Sedona. Be sure that you pick a realtor who has a deep understanding of the principles of Feng Shui and can help guide you through the choosing and buying process.

local real estate agent with deep roots in Sedona is your best bet to finding that perfect Feng Shui home in Sedona that you have always dreamed of.

To speak with a licensed realtor who is accustomed to Feng Shui in Sedona. Call us at 928-323-0031 or email will@OwnInSedona.com.

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