Beautiful Homes for Sale With Mountain Views in Sedona

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning and opening the blinds to a magnificent panorama of Sedona’s beautiful red rock formations bursting in through your bedroom window.

You go to the kitchen, make a cup of coffee and step outside onto your deck to enjoy the gorgeous view awaiting you. You read your paper. You check your emails on your phone. And you bask in the beauty of it all. Talk about feeling like you are living in heaven!

Ah! Sedona, a city of unmatched beauty nestled in the heart of some of the most beautiful mountains, valleys, and rock formations in the world.

If owning a home in Sedona is a dream you someday hope to achieve, we at Own in Sedona are ready to make that dream come true.

As a locally-based real estate company composed of Sedona locals, we know where all the best homes for sale in Sedona are that feature mountain views. We are ready to show all of them to you until you find that perfect one that suits you best.

Homes near Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Snoopy Rock, Steamboat Rock, Coffee Pot Rock, Courthouse Butte, we have Sedona homes for sale with views of all of them.

Let us take you on a tour of these spectacular homes with Red Rock views. We are sure you will find the one you have always wanted.

As Sedona locals for 30+ years, we know just where to go to find the one that best fits your budget and needs.

Everywhere you go in Sedona you are treated with views of the Red Rocks. Driving along Sedona’s Main Street, visiting a park, dining in a restaurant, everywhere you look the mountains dominate the scene.

You can’t escape the natural beauty of Sedona. So why not own a home with mountain views you can immerse yourself in every day?

We are here at your service and will assist you from soup-to-nuts through the process. From finding your dream home to closing, we are here for you.

All you have to do is set an appointment with one of our agents and off we go house hunting for that home you know in your heart has always been waiting for you.

There are numerous homes for sale in Sedona with mountain views. We see them everyday and we will not rest until you find the one that’s right for you.

We love Sedona and we know you will love it too. Hiking, adventure, beauty, night life, fabulous restaurants, fantastic events, spirituality, healing, beautiful skies and sunsets all are waiting for you.

So, waste no more time. Take action now. Set up that appointment and start your journey to living in what many people believe is the most beautiful community in the world.

And think of that first morning in your new Sedona home with mountain views when you wake up and take it all in.

Truly, nothing can compare to that. The beauty of Sedona awaits you.

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