Page Springs Homes For Sale

Page Springs is a small wine community located just 15 minutes from Sedona. There are numerous award-winning vineyards and wine tastings along the Page Springs Road. To get to Page Springs, leave west Sedona and head south towards Cottonwood. After about 8 miles you will find the Page Springs Road exit on your left. Most people don’t know this but once you get on page springs road and drive over the first cattle guard you will pass a dirt road on your left. That dirt road is the access road to Senator John McCains estate. Keep driving and you will pass several small estates and vineyards. The wine tasting rooms are all usually open 7 days a week so make sure you stop by and say hello for a taste and a bottle of wine to bring back to the hotel.


Pages springs road is only about 5 miles long. However, once you cross over the second cattle guard you are “technically” not in Page Springs anymore you are in Cornville. All homes in Page Springs have a Cornville address but to be considered “Page Springs” you will need to have your home in the valley between John McCain’s house and the second cattle guard. If you hit a stop sign to Cornville road, you have reached the end of page springs road. Make sure you stop in at the restaurant on the corner owned by Page Springs Vineyards. Delicious coffee and provisions.

If you turn left at the stop sign you will head towards Rimrock / Lake Montezuma and highway 179 to get to Pheonix of Flagstaff. If you turn right you will head towards Cottonwood. Along the way, you will pass a gated community and a beautiful golf course on your left.

This area is known as Verde Sante Fe and has seven neighborhoods. Including Amante, Dorado, La Privada, Montara Estates, Phase 1, Turnberry Estates and the Villas. This area is still Cornville. Click here to view homes for sale in Cornville