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Looking for the best realtor in Sedona?

When you are looking for the best realtor in Sedona there are a few things to look for to make sure you are working with the best person for you and your needs. Below you will find a list of the top qualities your agent should have to be considered the best realtor in Sedona.

1.) They have lived in Sedona for 25+ years

Sedona is a very desirable place. But most people who live in Sedona now recently relocated here from somewhere else. These newbie’s may not know all the areas of Sedona, the most desirable areas, areas to be developed, or areas that have strict or no HOA’s. That is why when you are searching for the best Realtor in Sedona to make sure that your Sedona real estate professional has seen the growth and trends of Sedona to ensure you are making the best purchasing decision you can.

2.) Do they have a lot of experience in Sedona or mostly the surrounding areas?

This one is very important as most real estate professionals want to work in a luxury market like Sedona but they don’t actually have experience in working in Sedona. Most of their experience may be in the surrounding areas like Cottonwood, Camp Verde, Cornville, etc. Make sure when you are looking for the best realtor in Sedona to ask them how much experience they have with buying or selling homes in Sedona. Ask for addresses of their most recent transactions in Sedona and ask whether they represented the buyer or seller with these transactions.

3.) Do they actually live in Sedona?

This one is so important that it is worth elaborating further. As of today, there are nearly 1,000 licensed realtors in the Sedona Verde Valley Association of Realtors. In our local office we have 50+ agents hanging their license in Sedona. But do you want to know something interesting? They do not need to live in Sedona in order to hang their real estate license at the Sedona office. That is why it is absolutely critical that when you are finding the best realtor in Sedona that you make sure they actually live in Sedona. If not, ask them if they ever have and if so, why did they move away? These are important questions to ask when looking for the best real estate agent in Sedona.

4.) More Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Best Realtor in Sedona:

Sedona locals are known for their empathy and desire to help others join their community. A local realtor is the first criteria one must consider when looking for the best Sedona realtor and real estate agent available. Did your realtor grow up in Sedona or went to school there? A local or native-raised realtor is familiar with the Sedona area and neighborhoods. They can offer crucial insider tips.

Is your realtor personable and knowledgeable of Sedona’s history and amenities? Does your realtor listen to what you say you are looking for and respects your opinion? Can your agent answer all your questions clearly and concisely? Is your Sedona realtor trying to sell you? Or do they honestly want to help you find the home of your dreams? Is your Sedona realtor ready to go the extra mile for you? Does your agent return your calls or texts right away?

Does your Sedona realtor emanate professionalism and honesty as well as convey a sense of camaraderie and a genuine interest in helping you while representing you through the home buying process?

These are all important questions to ask yourself before you choose the best Sedona realtor for you and your family.

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Best realtor in Sedona

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